Why You Should Not Play Poker For a Living?

Playing poker as your permanent gig sounds so cool especially when you are great at it. You get to say goodbye to the 8:00am – 5:00pm routine and choose your own working hours. You can even take a vacation whenever you want. And let’s not forget it’s one of the most intriguing games in the world that gives you such a great rush. However, you need to know a few not so good things before you decide to take this road.

Pro poker playing

You will need to work hard
You can only play poker for a living if you are a winning player. To become one, you will have to buy just about every book on poker and read almost everything you can get your hands on about the game poker. There will also be hours of training and practice before you can get into the big leagues. Be prepared for losses and disappointments along the way.

You will have to set income
Be prepared to have big wins, small wins, huge losses and a few small losses too. You will have to be prepared for anything and know how to manage your finances well.

Be prepared to work all day
Before you become a pro poker player playing really high limits, you might have to spend hours on end playing so as to meet the rent and pay the other bills you need to be. Sitting in front of a computer or in a casino all day is not only exhausting but causes great health risks.

It will be hard balancing your other obligations
Family, house chores and other responsibilities including a friend’s wedding will be calling for your attention. It might be hard balancing your new ‘job’ with all these other things especially when no one seems to understand how being your own boss is not as easy as it sounds.

Either way if it’s your passion, this should only prepare you not discourage you. Go for it. Where there is a will, there is a way.